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Long gone are the days where teeth straightening means large, unsightly metal braces. Today, Invisalign® is one of our most popular orthodontic treatments. A high-tech, 3D-printed invisible brace enhances your smile without causing damage to your teeth. 

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Our Invisalign® treatment

Invisalign® is a straightening system that uses clear aligners, which sit over your teeth and gently move them into the desired position. 

Our in-house Invisalign® expert is Dr Richard Tones. With qualifications from the Universities of Warwick and Newcastle Upon Tyne, Richard is one of our most accomplished and confident dentists and has been working with Invisalign® for over 12 years.

Richard has also trained extensively with lingual braces, six month smiles, fastbraces and many others, making him a leading orthodontic professional.

Invisalign® is the perfect example of how we position ourselves at the forefront of dental science, implementing the latest technology to recreate a smile’s natural beauty. It’s this innovation that makes The Dental Academy the region’s leading dental practice.

Richard is a Platinum Elite Invisalign® provider, and we are thrilled to have him on the team. He’ll be more than happy to chat to you about the wonders of Invisalign®.


    How long will it take to straighten my teeth?

    Depending on your needs and individualised plan, you will receive between 12 and 48 aligners. Each aligner needs to be worn for 1 week and is only taken out to brush, floss, and eat. The full term of treatment lasts between 6 and 12 months on average. You’ll need to be checked by the dentist every 6 weeks to ensure the realignment is proceeding properly.

      What are the advantages of Invisalign®

      Invisalign® will address issues with overcrowding, uneven spacing, and post-brace shifting. Alongside this, they are:

      • Almost completely invisible. No need to be self-conscious.
      • Comfortable. No jagged metal edges.
      • Quick. No hour-long procedures here.
      • Tailored for you. 3D-printed means it’s always the perfect fit.

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