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There are three main ways to replace missing teeth. The first is with a removable false tooth (or teeth) – called a partial denture. The second is with dental implants and the third is with a fixed bridge.

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What Is A Dental Bridge Daresbury
Implant Bridge

What is a Dental Bridge?

A bridge may be recommended if you are missing one or more teeth. Gaps left by missing teeth eventually cause the remaining teeth to rotate or shift into the empty spaces, resulting in a bad bite. The imbalance caused by missing teeth can also lead to gum disease and temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders. Bridges span the space where the teeth are missing. Bridges are cemented to the adjacent natural teeth or implants surrounding the empty space. These teeth, called abutments, serve as anchors for the bridge.

Replacing missing teeth is important, to prevent stress on other teeth and the shifting of adjacent teeth. A bridge is a permanent solution for missing teeth which will look and feel just like your natural teeth. Unlike dentures, a bridge is permanently fixed in your mouth, giving you increased support and stability as you chew and speak.

To make a bridge, we crown the two teeth either side of the missing teeth and bespoke replacement teeth are fixed to them, therefore ‘bridging the gap’. Because they are custom-made, bridges can restore the natural contour of your arch as well as the proper bite relationship between upper and lower teeth.

    Why might I need a bridge?

    A bridge is a replacement for one or more missing teeth. It is a good solution if you don’t have many missing teeth, or if your missing teeth are all on one side of your mouth. It is important to replace missing teeth to prevent your remaining teeth from drifting into the empty space, as well as to restore the appearance of your smile.

      How do I look after my bridge?

      You will need to clean your bridge and the false tooth or teeth it supports every day. Your dentist will show you how to use special floss to ensure your bridge is thoroughly clean. To prevent damage, it’s best to avoid chewing hard foods and ice. By taking good care of your bridge, you can ensure it will last for many years.

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