General Dentistry in Daresbury

Our dental practice is customer-focused. That means it offers a welcoming, relaxing environment that puts its customers – not patients – at ease.

We can provide check ups, hygiene appointments, emergency services, and periodontics.

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General Dentist In Daresbury

What is General Dentistry?

“General Dentistry” focuses on looking after you and your family’s oral health by providing regular, thorough dental examinations and hygiene care in order to treat problems early. Prevention is always better than cure, so a general dentist will also provide preventive advice and treatment to try to stop problems occurring in the first place.

The types of treatment offered by a general dentist are widespread, and range from simple fillings to complex treatment plans for complete oral rehabilitation. Cosmetic problems are also managed by a general dentist who may offer options such as tooth whitening and enamel microabrasion, or more involved procedures like complex bonded porcelain restorations.

General dentists practice in all areas of dentistry, and also diagnose and discuss more complex problems with you which may require a referral onto a Specialist Dentist to manage when we feel it will give the best outcome for you.

    Checkups Man


     Regular check ups are advised to complement a good daily oral health routine and to provide a preventative approach to dental issues.  

    Hygienist With Airflow Dental Academy


    Regular visits to your hygienist puts you in the best position for detecting any oral problems. Our hygienists are trained to help you prevent dental disease and to clean your teeth and gums.

    Oral Surgery

    Gum Disease

    Periodontitis and gingivitis can affect anyone at any age. Gingivitis causes bleeding gums but if left untreated may progress to periodontitis.

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