Fixed Braces in Daresbury

Fixed braces are commonly known as the more traditional ‘train tracks’. They can be metal or ceramic and can be on the front of or hidden behind your teeth. 

Fixed Braces In Daresbury

Why is Orthodontics necessary?

The primary goal of orthodontics is to improve the appearance and function of misaligned or crooked teeth. Sometimes, problems that affect the normal development of teeth run in families. This suggests that there may be certain genes that you inherit from your parents which disrupt the development of your teeth and jaw. Genes are units of genetic material that control how your body and characteristics develop. 

In many cases, developmental problems with a person’s teeth and jaw occur for no apparent reason. However, a person’s teeth and jaw can sometimes be damaged in an accident, such as a fall, or as a result of activities, such as thumb sucking, that persist well into childhood. In children, crooked or abnormally arranged teeth are not usually an immediate health problem. However, these types of abnormalities may affect the later development of the child’s teeth, mouth and jaw. In severe cases, such abnormal developments can affect a child’s physical appearance as they grow older.

        Do adults need orthodontics?

        Although children and teenagers commonly require orthodontic treatment to correct developmental problems with their teeth, an increasing number of adults are now also seeking treatment. This can be to correct problems that were not treated in the past or to improve the appearance and function of their teeth.

        The principles of treating adults are much the same as for treating children, although the costs may be higher if more complex treatment is required. The British Orthodontics Society (BOS) estimates that the cost of treating an adult can range from £2,000 to £6,000, depending on the complexity of the treatment.

        Another reason why adults may need orthodontic treatment is if they have a condition known as sleep apnoea. This is where the muscles and soft tissue at the back of the throat collapse inwards during sleep. This causes breathing difficulties and disturbed sleep which results in tiredness the following day.

        People with mild sleep apnoea often benefit from an orthodontic device called a mandibular repositioning splint (MRS), which is designed to prevent the area at the back of the throat from narrowing.

          What are the benefits of orthodontic treatment?

          Braces can bring life changing benefits:

          • The can improve the appearance of your smile
          • They can correct the way your teeth bite together and function
          • They can reduce the risk of damage to prominent teeth
          • They can make it easier to clean your teeth

              What's involved in the treatment?

              Your Daresbury dentist will start with an initial consultation taking x-rays, photos and impressions of your teeth. From here you will receive a tailored treatment plan explaining your treatment options and costs. 

              Every 6 - 8 weeks subsequent visits are required, allowing adjustments to be made, getting you one step closer to your dream smile. After this stage is completed you will then have the choice of having removable or bonded retainers to maintain your new smile.

              The time it takes for your braces to work their magic is dependent on the severity of your case. This means that cost will also vary from patient to patient as some people will need braces on for longer.

                Will I be able to eat and drink as normal?

                To avoid any damage to your teeth or braces, you'll need to steer clear of the following during your treatment:

                • Sugary snacks and drinks between meals
                • Anything particularly sticky, hard or chewy
                • Fizzy drinks and large quantities of fruit juice

                Will I be able to play contact sports? 

                Absolutely, but you'll need to wear a mouth guard. We can custom-make you a mouthguard to wear over your braces. To find out more speak to one of the The Dental Academy dentists.

                Will I be able to play a musical instrument?

                Fixed braces can make it trickier to play wind or brass instruments. Most patients quickly adapt, but you should discuss this with your orthodontists. They might recommend a removable brace, which can be taken out for performances. 

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