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Our experienced dentists at The Dental Academy offer a variety of aesthetic tooth-coloured composite fillings.

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What are fillings?

Composite, or ‘white’ fillings have developed in strength and popularity and are now considered ideal, especially for more visible front teeth. As an NHS patient, traditional amalgam fillings may have been used on your back teeth. Here at The Dental Academy, as a fully private practice, we only use tooth-coloured, (white) fillings and can therefore restore teeth to their natural appearance.

The natural tooth-coloured composite material we use for white fillings can also be used to cover minor imperfections in the teeth or even to replace old amalgam fillings.

        What can fillings be used for?

        White filings are extremely versatile and can have a number of different applications, such as:

        • Tooth decay and the filling of cavities
        • Replace metal or amalgam fillings
        • Cosmetically improve and strengthen, cracked and chipped teeth
        • Cosmetically closing gaps between teeth
        • Cosmetically reshaping short or uneven teeth

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