What is a Clinical Dental Technician (CDT)?

Clinical Dental Technicians are professional denture experts.

People are often confused by the term CDT which stands for Clinical Dental Technician. A CDT is a dental professional who has undergone extensive training in the highly skilled art of creating and fitting of reconstructive dentures.

It takes years of specific training and dedication to become a CDT. The skill required to construct aesthetically pleasing dentures, which fit comfortably and work effectively, is one of the hardest tasks in dentistry.

Often a CDT is not only replacing lost teeth, but also compensating for bone loss, which can cause sunken facial profiles; the overall effects of which can make patients appear up to 10 years older. Creating the perfect dentures takes careful, calculated consideration of each individual’s facial anatomy in order to achieve the outstanding results for which Quality Dentures is renowned.

Registered CDTs are legally qualified to give oral examinations and to check the mouth is in a healthy state. They take impressions and measurements of the edentulous mouth (no teeth), which enables them to produce a plan from which to create high quality dentures.

Do I need to see a Dentist, or can I just see a CDT or do I need to see both?

Many of our clients come to Quality Dentures via professional referrals from their own general dentists; while others come to us via recommendations from happy patients. We are well known and highly regarded across the North West for our dedication and care in the creation of beautiful, natural and comfortable dentures.

Our CDTs create and fit a complete set of dentures to patients who have experienced total tooth loss, or partial dentures for those who may have lost just a few.

Patients who have natural teeth will be advised to visit a dentist for an oral examination/check-up where an appropriate treatment plan can then be formulated in conjunction with the CDT.

If you are looking for Partial Dentures as you have some of your own natural teeth remaining you must be first be seen or referred by your Dentist before treatment can begin.

If you do not have your own dentist, Quality Dentures will arrange for one of our own highly skilled and caring Dental Academy dentists to see you during the initial consultation.

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