Denture Repairs in Cheshire

At Quality Dentures, we can alleviate your pain. Badly fitting dentures, can be easily rectified. We recommend you visit a Clinical Dental Technician as soon as possible.

A broken denture – From £75

A broken denture does not always require a replacement, it can often be repaired. Our CDT’s can assess your denture very quickly and provide you a cost effective solution to repair your denture. In most cases a broken or damaged denture can be repaired to its former glory within a very short time frame. Sometimes, where possible, within an hour.

If the damage is too extensive, there are some cases where we may recommend a new replacement denture.  We might be able to carry out a temporary fix for your broken denture while we create a brand new and beautiful crafted denture for you.

Re-lines – From £300

A re-line is a term we use when we need to add more material to the denture due to shrinkage in the gum or jawbone.  The aim of a re-line is to improve the retention and fit, so it feels like new again.

Soft lining – From £400

Some patients find it almost impossible to tolerate a denture, especially those patients who have limited bone support. Quality Dentures can help by creating a layer of soft material which lines your existing denture giving it an additional soft cushioning between the hard plastic and your soft gums, helping to prevent soreness.

Plenty of care is required in the cleanliness of these soft liners as they can harbour more bacteria. We can advise you on how to clean your dentures thoroughly.

Adding more teeth – From £85

Under certain circumstances, we can modify a partial denture to accept additional teeth if you have recently had an extraction. This can be achieved very simply, but we do need to take a bit of time to ensure that we have the right tooth type, in the right colour, to match your existing teeth.

Replacing metal clasps – From £150

Over time, even the highest quality dentures succumb to wear and tear. This can affect the chrome denture fittings.  If this happens it will need to be sent away for re-firing.

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